Rye Whiskey

rye whiskey

Presentation of rye-based spirits

Much whiskey (not whiskey since this type is not Scottish) is made in the United States in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and it is a huge success in both areas of course. Production of straight rye amounted to 40,000 hectoliters. Under U.S. law, distilled to make dough Rye Whiskey must contain at least 51% rye. The distillation should not be pushed beyond 80 ° and the distillate must age in barrels of new oak burned. The Straight Rye must be free from any mixture and be aged for two years in oak barrels.

The rye whiskeys are generally heavier and a little more austere than Bourbon. They have some similarities with the Irish whiskeys, although made ​​continuous distillation devices and Irish is distilled in alembic.

Best Rye Whiskeys

Some products below are sold in traditional wine merchants, but also on major sites such as whiskey whiskey is quite rare but prices are globally reasonables :

  • Hudson Manhattan Rye
  • Pikesville

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