Pommard 1er cru Wine

Pommard produces red Burgundy and belongs to the Côtes Beaune. The fame of this amazing wine causes the worst corporate abuses, leaving experts perplexed enough about it. In their opinion, the Pommard, it can be considered a very nice wine, can not be considered one of the best Burgundy. This is mainly explained by the fact that the 300 acres of noble vines are held by traders, who have the know-how to make their wine.

The list of premiers crus

All product Pommard Premier Cru have the same characteristics: firmness, dark color and bouquet.

Here is the complete list of wines, officially established:

  • Les rugiens-bas
  • Les rugions-hauts
  • Les epenots
  • Clos des Epenots
  • Les petits epenots (plus vaste château, 20 hectares)
  • Clos de la Commaraine
  • Le clos blanc
  • Les arvelets
  • Les Charmots
  • Les Argilières
  • Les pézerolles
  • Les Boucherottes
  • Les Saussiles
  • Les Croix-Noires
  • Les Chaponnières
  • Les Fremiers
  • Les Bertins
  • Les Jarollières
  • Les poutures
  • Le Clos Micot
  • La Refène
  • Clos du verger
  • Derrière Saint-Jean (plus petit château, seulement 1 hectare)
  • La platière
  • Les Chanlins-Bas
  • Les combes-Dessus
  • La Chanière

Apart from these wines, we advise fans to purchase basic Pommard or Village Pommard, whose high prices justify a real disappointment.

Where to find the best Pommards

Among this list, the Epenots the Rugiens The Chaponnières and are recognized as the more complex, more subtle, brief first best wines of Pommard.

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