How to serve wine? 3 Mistakes You’ve Been Making

The first rule is cool for whites and at room temperature for red wines. Must still be treated with the utmost care before placing them on the table.

Before the service : cellar precautions

A common mistake is to avoid: for an old wine, they tend to lead very early to oxygenate the wine. However, on an old vintage, a natural deposit was formed: it is therefore necessary before the result, leave the bottle a few hours in the vertical position for the deposit falls to the bottom. The wine will be much better. Try using a wine rack if you don’t have much storage space. It will be a shame to ignore this advice as much as your cellar has taken so long to develop.

The right temperature

Blanks must be refreshed the more they are softer, they should be served chilled . Thus, the great Sauternes are the best absolutely freezing . But this is an exception : in general icing is a mistake because the excessive cold obliterates taste and characteristics. Better example drink white burgundy quality not cool enough too cold. The fridge is often used, since it takes between 1 hour and 2 hours to “hit” the wine, while the use of an ice bucket can be worn at the ideal temperature in about 20 minutes.

Ideal temperature for dry whites and rosés : between 5 and 6 degrees

The red wines are young and full-bodied (eg Médoc ) may be opportunities few hours before serving. Very young to be win opportunities yesterday. This additional time breathing help them acquire maturity and fluffy. Against the widespread opinion, a mature Bordeaux (over 5 years) or old (over 10 years) does not need to be aired so long. If it is really old, decant it directly to the table. Even in this case, it may happen that fades and dies between the first and second glass.

Ideal temperature for dry whites and rosés : between 17 and 18 degrees


Fashion is complex corkscrews , designed to facilitate an easy opening On a wine cork and therefore a young , little risk of handling these complicated objects. However, they present a danger to the fragile old wines with cork may disintegrate. Our preference is always to classic “T” corkscrew. Select it with a long spiral as long plugs are used for fine wines . The metal part that enters the cork does not have the shape of a blade with a tip, but that because the cutting too much plug.

What is a corked wine ?

It refers to a wine ” corked ” when the plug, defective, prematurely aged and moldy. In this case the wine in contact, the developing properties of said stopper, that is, a taste and odor. For this reason it is customary to serve the master of the house first, so that it guarantees not to serve his guests to a non corked wine. At the restaurant , the sommelier must feel the cap in order to detect any abnormalities. If you detect a problem, you must return the bottle on the spot.

What glasses  Avoid any colored glasses. Rather winemakers choose crystal glasses united to bring out the natural color of the wine. Glasses too small harm wines which must be enough room for you to make the turn in and they “breathe” exhaling their bouquet. The best lenses are large, tulip-shaped, clear and thin. The cutting itself must have the shape of an apple or an orange.

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