CyberCellar Voucher Number 2019 – Discounts on premium SA Wines

Cyber Cellar LogoCyberCellar is a top rated South African premium wine, beer and liqueur platform. 

Their unique selection of alcoholic beverages is sold at unbeatable prices.

In 2019, the CyberCellar is offering customers who create an account on the site a R200 or (around $17) discount on their first order.

To access this exclusive offer, click on our dedicated link or on the button below and activate your CyberCellar Voucher Number.

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Voucher number box

How to activate your Cybercellar Voucher Number

White wine offerIts only takes a few simple steps to cash-in on your voucher number code:

  1. Click on the above link or button to access the website directly
  2. Create an account and start shopping
  3. Go to checkout
  4. Enter your voucher number into the dedicated box
  5. Receive a discount of R200 (or $17) on your first purchase

Note: If no voucher number is available, you will be notified of it by email once you have signed up

Terms and Conditions

The voucher number code offer is only valid under the following terms and conditions:

  1. You may only make purchases and claim a voucher number if you are over 18
  2. You will only receive your discount bonus of R200 ($17) if you have not registered your email address with the site before
  3. If you choose to sign-in via Facebook there no guarantee that you will receive your voucher bonus as this constitutes a quick sign-in.
  4. This discount code is valid for 2019

Advantages of a Membership

On top of gaining a free R200 ($17) through our voucher number, becoming a member of the site, gives customers many advantages:

  • Ability to write wine reviews
  • Potential to track orders
  • Wish list available for purchases you would like to save for later
  • Potential to receive an excellent newsletter including exclusive deals and discounts

The WineClub

Wine ClubOnce you are a member of Cybercellar, you can choose to go premium by joining the wine club.

For R500, wine lovers can receive an exclusive selection of wine on a monthly basis with no extra charge for delivery.

2019 could be a year of discovery for wine lovers through this convenient scheme.

Wine Club members will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Choose between red mixed, white mixed or red and white mixed cases
  • Receive expertly chosen selections without having to spend any time online
  • Access wine experts and try wines you may never have encountered
  • Receive the very best deals and save on delivery, (these will be available without a discount code)
  • Pause your account at any time
  • Cancel your account at one week’s notice before the end of the month

Delivery Service

The delivery service at Cybercellar is a testament to their excellent customer service.

Their checkout process is incredibly fluid and the delivery service has been given outstanding reviews by customers.

It is important to note that whilst a standard order costs R49.50 , if you make an order above R1000 then it will be delivered to your door completely free of charge.

This is offer is also available without any voucher number codes.

If you live in a main city you can expect your order in 4 working days, however residents of “outlying areas” will have to wait 7 working days to receive their package.

Cybercellar is a very international platform so they do not just deliver in South Africa.

You can order from the EU and most parts of the US. However, deliveries will take longer to reach their destinations in this case.

Wines Delivery Infographic

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