Corn Whiskey

A rare and beautiful spirits

Corn whiskey is a whiskey produced by the distillation of grain dough in the composition of which maize accounts for at least 80%. It can be aged or not, was new or used, burned or not. In general, it does not age much, given that the demand comes mainly from rural areas where young enthusiastic are governing fashion tastes.

The Corn Whiskey that has not aged is tough, painless, has a lack of subtlety. This product differs from Bourbon from many points of view. The law imposes 80% corn in its grain dough, while Bourbon 51%, and must be aged in new oak barrels, oak burned.

Where to buy Corn Whiskey

This product is rare sites of whiskey, and more in traditional wine merchants. But again, Uvinum and its discount code and offers some beautiful specimens that matter any whiskey lover must try to better appreciate the diversity of the world of products labeled “whiskey”:

  • PLATTE VALLEY Corn Whiskey

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