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Puligny Montrachet : Where to Buy

Puligny Montrachet, located in the Côtes de Beaune, Burgundy wines produced red and white. Approximately 250 hectares are cultivated, producing 7000 hectoliters of wine per year. Puligny is located near the southern end of the Côte de Beaune, in the sub-sector which is designated as the Coast “Meursault”, which prides itself on producing the best

How to read a Wine Label ?

How to decipher a label is to know the ID of a wine before having tasted. For the producer, the label follows a dual purpose, both the regulatory and marketing, sometimes incompatible. The ID of wine The label, which information is controlled by the public authorities, first certify the authenticity of a wine, namely the

Best Corsican Wines

If Corsica is obviously not the most prestigious vineyards of French vineyards, the island has strong arguments to enforce compare to Bordeaux or Burgundy (more than 2000 hectares of cultivated vineyards and some great names). In fact, its location and weather make quality of Corsican wines must be compared with the Italian or Spanish more

Pommard 1er cru Wine

Pommard produces red Burgundy and belongs to the Côtes Beaune. The fame of this amazing wine causes the worst corporate abuses, leaving experts perplexed enough about it. In their opinion, the Pommard, it can be considered a very nice wine, can not be considered one of the best Burgundy. This is mainly explained by the

Pauillac Bordeaux : Grands Crus Wines

Pauillac is to Bordeaux is what King Lear is to Shakespeare, one of his masterpieces. Indeed among the wines of Bordeaux, Pauillac area is the largest of the four major wine towns (Margaux, Pauillac, Saint-Estèphe, Saint-Julien) of the Médoc peninsula. But paradoxically, it is less famous than its neighbors because its great famous wines (Château-Lafite,