Beer Types List : all you need to know

types of beers

Of course you know what is a lager beer, but you may define up to bring a porter or a bock beer?

Because it is difficult to navigate on offer and the different types of beer available commercially, we propose you a classification of all kinds of beers:

The range of beers


Lager is a highly charged with carbon dioxide beer. Its name comes from the German verb “lagern” which means store. The lager is a beer allowed to stand until all vestiges of fermentation are removed. Then the gasified and is bottled.

Popular beers (Heineken, tsing tao, 1664, Stella Artois, …) belong to this category.


It is a kind of beer was once made ​​without hops and fresh drinking. Now, there is no difference between ale and other beers.


Stout is a little brown sugar and heavy beer, often with a taste of malt, usually after a mixing proportion of hops.

Guinness is the global representative of Stout.


Stout similar to, but less strong, with generally a heavy creamy foam. It owes its name to the fact that it was formerly the favorite beverage holders London


Bock Beer type is done in the spring in the United States with the sediment in fermentation tanks at their annual flushing. The bock beer season lasts usually six weeks.

Where to find all types of beer?

Internet has made unnecessary trips in Belgium: we recommend for the size of their offer and their cost the following few sites we tested:

  • halftimebeverage
  • mybrewerytap
  • beermerchants

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